1. Must have adequate brakes to stop truck in an emergency situation.ANY CLASS
  2. The first truck in the pit can scratch the first run and run third, but you must let the track official know a.s.a.p. It is your responsibility to let us know. If you choose to scratch your first run and run third, the second half you will not run last you will run third from last.
  3. All spectators and crew members must be behind the fence. Only track officials and one crew member will be on track or line up.
  4. All trucks must be in staging area when your class is called. You must be in your truck and ready to go when called to the line.
  5. If your vehicle breaks before your class starts or if choose not to make your first pass, your money will be refunded at time of payouts. There is no refund for unlimited class.
  6. No drugs allowed at all, no alcohol (beer) allowed in the staging area or vehicle. Drivers cannot consume any alcohol before driving. If found, you will be disqualified.
  7. Second round of classes will be inverted. (Example: if you run first the first round in your class, you will run last the second round.)
  8. All trucks are subject to an open hood inspection at any time by the track official.
  9. If your class does not require you to pull the cable and you get stuck or break, you will have to hook the cable. We will get it as close as possible.
  10. All trucks must have visible solid hook up on front and rear. No chains. We are not responsible for any other part on your vehicle.
  11. All drivers are responsible for all crew members, including children while at the track and in the pit area.
  12. All drivers must be at least 8 years old and must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver before he/she can race.
  13. Only one down time of 5 minutes per truck per class. The last truck out of the pit will have a 5 minute cool down time and be the first truck back at the line.
  14. No pets allowed except for the handicapped.
  15. If you pull 2nd hook past start line you will be disqualified.
  16. No restarts. You are not allowed to back up or restart.
  17. PRO trucks must have 4 wheel brakes and reverse. All Others must have adequate brakes to stop the truck in an emergency situation
  18. Any truck cutting up in the pit area will be disqualified when race begins. Do it in between the ponds pass the wash area. For safety reasons do not horse around in the pits.
  19. Any truck can step up to any class in which it is legal to run.
  20. Do not bother the announcer or tower personnel at all. If you have a problem or complaint go to the officials/owners.
  21. All drivers will obey the rules of this organization or that driver will be disqualified. You and your race team will also be asked to leave with no refunds. No points.
  22. All classes will make two runs unless time prohibits. If track owner sees that time will prohibit getting the second run complete, they will make the call to count only first run or run top 10 from the first run. This all depends on the amount of time we have remaining. No refunds will be given.
  23. All non-street vehicles will have drive shaft loops front & back.
  24. Protest fee will be $200.00 per item protested. Track retains 50% split. If truck is found legal, truck receives 50%. Only 1 team member allowed at truck protested.
  25. Any questions or complaints will be discussed with track official/owners. Their decision will be the final say on any and every call. We are the judge not you.
  26. All drivers must wear helmets.
  27. Our interpretation of the rules are what we go by. Got a question? Just ask.
  28. All non-street vehicles must have a battery disconnect on the vehicle.
  29. All non street must have roll bars.
  30. Truck beds must be free of debris that could fall on or in the track.
  31. Three trucks minimum to run a class.
  32. A distance run will be awarded to any truck that trips the beam without passing the beam.
  33. If your truck has multiple drivers, at the time of registration you have the option to move down 2 positions. This rule was implemented to keep you from having to run back to back. This will only be done at time of registration.
  34. If any driver or team member of a race team is involved in a fight, the driver and the entire race team will be asked to leave the track for that day. The driver will be disqualified from any runs made and no refunds will be given.

We welcome you to come and camp. You will only be allowed to stay on the premises if you have a paid wrist band from the gate for the race (let the gate person know if your camping or not), over the age of 18 or have adult supervision. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented track. If you are caught with illegal substances on our premises, you will be banned for the 2015 season. If you plan on drinking here, you must have a valid driver's license or state issued ID. Any underage person caught drinking or using illegal substances will be escorted from the property immediately without any refund.